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Dinner Menu

Please specify 1 item from each of the following categories for each of your food orders by email to


Kale Caesar Salad

house-made caesar dressing | sourdough crouton | double smoked bacon | julienne celeriac | shaved parmesan | crispy capers


Roasted Beet Salad

arugula & pea shoot greens | locally grown beetroot | toasted pecan | maple balsamic vinaigrette | valley apple | danish blue cheese


Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

smooth blended caramelized squash | sourdough croutons | cultured cream | olive oil



Roasted Chicken & Mushroom

White wine risotto | roasted maritime mushroom | seasonal vegetable | peppercorn sauce reduction


Fussili Beef

Extruded fusilli pasta | tomato concasse | tender beef tips | wilted arugula | light tomato sauce | shaved parmesan


Seafood Chowder

Digby harvested scallops | line-caught haddock | Eastern shore lobster | creamy herb broth | fresh rosemary sea salt focaccia


Mushroom Tagliatelle

Caramelized onion & rosemary butter | maritime gourmet mushroom | white wine cream reduction | wilted greens | shaved parmesan 



Citrus Polenta Cake

seasonal fruit compote | citrus syrup | vanilla bean ice cream 


Carrot Cake

cinnamon cream cheese icing | salted caramel | vanilla bean cream | toasted walnut


Lemon Zeppole

Warm Italian lemon ricotta donut | raspberry coulis | whipped cream | lemon gastrique | toasted pistachio


Meet Our Chef

Inspired by her experience on Michael Stadtlander’s Eigensinn Farm at the Canadian Chefs Congress, Kim has been honing her skills and developing the knowledge to create her own farm-to-table restaurant. Kim grew up on a farm in Ontario and entered into the culinary field surrounded by talented chefs whose focus was to use local and seasonal ingredients. Her passion for the farm-to-table concept only grew over the years as she worked in recognized restaurants across the country and as a personal chef.Kim is excited to bring her love for French and Italian cooking, with a mix of Maritime influence to the Eastern Shore. With our gardens directly behind the kitchen, Kim gathers ingredients fresh for your dish.

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