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5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Venue in Nova Scotia

Are you getting married this year? Several things in weddings play an essential role in crafting your big day. One crucial part of planning your wedding is choosing your wedding venue. Your venue selection sets the tone of your wedding ceremony. Therefore, it is imperative to select your wedding venue carefully.

So, if you're considering Nova Scotia and wondering how to choose your wedding venue in Nova Scotia? Then this is the perfect article for you. So, spare some time and read this ultimate guide to choose your wedding venue in Nova Scotia.

1. Size of the wedding venue

How many guests are coming to your wedding? That's an important question to consider before choosing a wedding venue in Nova Scotia. Wedding reception venues in Nova Scotia are of different sizes, and you need to select the size of the wedding venue as per your requirements. The wedding venue will need to accommodate tables, glasses, chairs, food, and all the wedding needs. Too big or too small venues, both are not fit and can cause unnecessary stress on your fantastic day.

2. Location of the venue

Another critical thing to consider while choosing wedding reception venues in Nova Scotia is the venue's location. You will be having friends and families coming all over the province, so you need to choose a place that is easily accessible to all your guests (make sure to consider accessibility for guests that are physically disabled). Moreover, your friends & family are likely to have come from far, and they will need somewhere to stay in the surrounding area to attend all events of the wedding. So, look at the hotels and accommodations nearby for your guests when choosing a wedding venue in Nova Scotia. Some beautiful wedding locations in Nova Scotia include Cape Breton, South Shore, and the Eastern Shore because of their scenic venues and oceanside views.

3. Staff and Amenities

The staff's skills, experience, and attitude are essential to consider while selecting the wedding venue. How the team serves food, greets guests, entertains attendees, and cooperates with you can drastically affect your wedding day. So, always look for experienced staff with excellent management skills. Also, it's ideal to select a venue that has an owner you get along with on a personal level. You have so much on your plate right now, and the last thing you need is a vendor that holds you back, limits your ideas, or that consistently disagrees with you.

4. Decor and Details

The theme of the wedding reception venue is essential to consider when planning your wedding. Therefore, the decoration and details of the venue play an integral role in materializing your dream wedding in Nova Scotia. So, before finalizing the location, you should consult with the owner/staff and visit the venue in person to confirm decoration arrangements. Then, only choose the wedding venue if they can make arrangements for your dream decor.

5. Price

Last but not least, the price of booking the venue is essential to consider while choosing wedding venues in Nova Scotia. The average cost of a wedding in Canada is approximately CAD 42,400. However, the price varies as per the size, service, amenities, decorations, and venue location. So, also check for the price and packages available before finalizing your wedding reception venue. Your wedding is an investment that you and your family will cherish forever. Yes, it's stressful and nerve-racking to plan and host a wedding, but without a doubt, it will be a wonderful, unforgettable time with the people you care for the most!


In conclusion, your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and the most important thing to consider for this is venue selection. So, you should always consider the size, location, staff and amenities, décor and detail, and the venue's price in Nova Scotia before finalizing it.

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