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Yoga Instructor Kim Nicholson 

Credentials-30 Years experience 

Certified Yoga Teacher-Power Vinyasa Teacher Training-issued April 29th, 2012 (RYS 200 Certification) issuer: Halifax Yoga (Sherry Zak and Coeli Marsh) 

CPR Certificate-Emergency First Aid CPR “A” & AED issued March 20, 2012. St. John Ambulance. 

The “Art of Assisting Yoga” proper physical alignment. 

Yoga Journal Conference (Toronto) 

 Chatturanga free Vinyasa (Maria Garre) 

 The Yoga of Meditation (Rod Stryker) 


Breath Workshop-November 2011 (Halifax) 

Shambala Meditation Level 1 (1993) 

Breathing Space Yoga-Energy Exchange (2006) 

Halifax Yoga-Energy Exchange (2010-2012) 

Yoga at the work place (2010-2014) 

Kisari Yoga Studio (2012--current) 

Kisari Yoga Summerville Beach and Quarterdeck (summer of 2022-2023) 2. 

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White Point Beach Resort (2022-2023) 

April Williams SPA Studio (2022-current) 

Westfield Community Yoga (Government Grant for Group Yoga (2023-2024) 

Yoga Disciplines Practice: 

- Flow 

- Gentle 

- Hatha Yoga 

- Restorative Yoga 

- Yin Yoga 

- Yin Yang Yoga 

- Astanga Vinyasa 

- Iyengar Yoga 

- Baptist Power Yoga 

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